Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter colors

Day 1 winter study
6 x 6
acrylic on canvas

Today is the start of Leslie Saeta's 30 day challenge ( see sidebar at right ) and though it is the beginning of a new year I am still sidetracked with the leftovers of a what has been a really good Christmas Holiday so todays painting is a quick plein air study.  My theme for the week is snow as we have an abundant supply these days.  I'm cheating a bit with the plein air part as I'm sitting in the warmth and comfort of my car.  If the wind stops blowing maybe I'll get out for a real taste of outdoor winter painting.


Sheila Tansey said...

Hi Barb! You don't know me, I'm Sheila Tansey and I live in Winfield but I recognized your name from browsing through Leslie's blog entrants! I remember your name from the Opus Plein Air Day last April or May! You won and I loved your painting! I've really only started seriously painting the past 3 years. I also took a workshop with Leslie and Dreama in Sept. Just wanted to say hi and give support during this challenge!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Sheila for your kinds comments! I'm so glad a few of us from north of the border are tackling this challenge. The Opus Plein Air one sure was tough but no matter how we think we have done we all walk away winners with a new experience to learn from.