Friday, April 15, 2011

Local heritage sites

Haynes Ranch
18 x 24
oil on canvas

With spring here and some exciting opportunities on the horizon for getting some paintings into galleries I've decided I need to ramp it up a bit, paint more and get back to the landscapes.   Last weekend I headed south for some bird photography and ended up at this old ranch, built in 1907 I believe.  It sits on a corner that I have cycled by many times but I have never before really noticed the old barns.  On this particular day I was walking around the perimeter and got some photos to bring back to paint from.  Still too cool for me to sit outside for any length of time but I'll head back when it warms up for some plein air.   There are many other beautiful old buildings in the valley that I'd like to paint before they collapse so that it will a project that should keep me going all summer.   

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday flowers

Pinks and Greens
12 x 12
oil on canvas

The weather has turned cold again so I stayed inside today and painted this birthday bouquet.  I'm starting to enjoy painting this subject!