Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keeping life in balance

Day 21 Barns
6 x 6 
Acrylic on canvas

Today was epic from the start.  An intense somewhat anaerobic hour and a half solo skateski out into the boonies the whole while taking in the beautiful scenery and taking notes on ideas for future landscape paintings, back home to finish off todays and start tomorrows painting and then up into the hills with my petzel light and a good friend for a night time trail run in the snow and back to make dinner and finally put my feet up.  Good thing it's January and I have time for all of this.  Wouldn't happen spring to fall with all the other activities going on...


Susan said...

Wow you have a busy and active life. I love your use of purple in this painting. Reminds me of the farms on Route 20 in Upstate New York. a far cry from British Columbia.

Sheila Tansey said...

Hi Barb!! Oh I'm so jealous of the skate skiing and the running!! I am slowly getting back into cycling running (well race walking) shape...I love hiking...I still have two kids aged 12 and 14 and the youngest has been sick at home for two days...poor thing.

I love the colours in this painting! Very inspiring!