Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Singing in The New Year

Bewick's Wren
6 x 6
acrylic on canvas paper

This is Day 1 and the start of Leslie Saeta's 30 day Challenge for 2014.  Last year I found a vast improvement in all things involved with completing a 6 x 6 painting due to the fact that painting for 30 days in a row forced me to be organized, helped to simplify the process and made me realize that just sitting down and getting started got me over the hurdle of what to paint, how to paint it and all those other creative blocks that pop up and stall the effort.  This little wren was sitting in a bush across the street from me and was singing up a storm so I thought it appropriate for the start of the New Year.


Cindy D. said...

So sweet! Lovely style.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Loving the 30 in 30 project as I'm finding some wonderful new artists.

martinealison said...


Une belle remise en route pour 2014... Elle va être très créative pour vous, bravo !

Je vous souhaite une très belle année.

Gros bisous

Unknown said...

Thank you Cindy, Cynthia and Martine, I am finding it difficult this year as I seem to have little time to squeeze in these paintings but it is definitely worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work when I get a chance.