Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shatford Show

Early Morning Calm
10 x 8
in progress

This painting does not reflect my life at the moment but rather how each day begins.  I try to start the morning with either a plein air outing or some cycling but before long manage to get swamped with technology and administration, yesterday being a new cell phone and taxes, today exploring website options and postcard designs.   Later I will visit our local art show at the Shatford Centre where I had my first success at being juried in.  In my excitement I forgot on my last post to thank Peggy Stel,  Picture This custom Framing in Penticton, who also had work juried in and did a great job framing my piece.  Hopefully the show will be online soon but in the meantime check out the winner of best in show, Shannon ford whose wonderful work can be seen at her website here.


Marie Theron said...

You have a wonderful lifestyle, Barb! Exercising both body and artistic talent. And I am sure you always feel very good and positive! Lovely peaceful landscape, the colours are so clean!

Shelley Whiting's art said...

Wow the colors in this painting are gorgeous. The light in this painting is very warm and inviting. Beautiful and amazing artwork.

Unknown said...

Thank you Marie and Shelley for the kind comments. I have to say life is good right now though I'd love to have more time each day. I'm going to try a new approach in the fall using greys so it will be a challenge moving away from these colorful pieces.