Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something different

Looking out to Sea NFS
8 x 8
oil on doorskin

My first portrait magically evolved yesterday over top of piece of board that I had been using as a practice area for testing colors. It felt very much like when one finally decides to commit and plunge into a freezing sea, very scary and yet exhilarating at the same time! Done quickly and loosely it was a lot of fun, many of the test colors left to show through. Haven't been painting much lately as I've been spending far too much time floating away the hot summer days on the lake. Today we are suffering from the smoke of over 400 hundred forest fires burning in this province and we can't even see the sun so I'm back to the easel for a while.


Joanne Hanson said...

I wish my firt portrait had looked this good! It is a very nice piece. Is it a self portrait?

Unknown said...

Thanks Joanne, I had found an old artbook 'Color Exercises for the Painter' at my local used bookshop and tried one of the exercises using a photo of my daughter. It is somewhat of a likeness but I didn't worry about the detail, more about the expression.

Joanne Hanson said...

no wonder it looked like you!

Nancy Everett said...

this is wonderful! Love your use of color.