Saturday, September 26, 2009

Character Study

Sneaking a Peak
6 x 6
oil on doorskin
I caught this scene in Poland last year and was attempting to portray the secret glance this young man stole whilst sitting with his girl. I found the 6 x 6 format too small to get the hand that was hiding his eyes and the girls legs need to be a touch longer but had to quit before it was finished as my alla prima approach was foiled by a two day distraction. My lesson learned - draw carefully and allow time to finish in one day. I'm really enjoying painting figures and may get brave and move on to portraits.


Unknown said...

Now if you hadn't had told me your trials and tribulatons with this piece I would have never know you struggled with it. Just by the way you captured his position, I could tell he was trying to be sly about sneaking a peek at the pretty gal. Love the color palette you chose for this.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sheila - oh yes how I do struggle. I feel successful though if I can be happy with at least one aspect and with this one it was the colors.

Manon said...

Lovely work Barb! I lived in Chilliwack B.C. and North Vancouver as a child!! It's so beautiful in that part of the country!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Manon. Yes the lower mainland is beautiful and I do spend some time down there but it is too wet for me so I spend most of my time in the drier Okanagan. Thanks for coming by.