Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Unstuck

Coffee Break
20 x 16
oil on canvas
This was one big project for me and having happily and with ease finished three quarters of it I found I was totally stuck the foreground which should have been relatively easy. No chance to hide or cover up as it is right there in your face. I even put it up on Gimp and created layers so I could change hue, value, intensity in order to resolve the issue. Although my Gimp painting looked okay no way could I transfer that to the real thing. Finally in desperation I threw some different combinations down and there we have the final product - for now anyway. Time to put this one away.


Dana Cooper said...

The whole painting is really nice, Barb, but I find the foreground especially appealing!

Diana Marshall said...

You firstly take in the figures drinking coffee and having a chat and then your eyes wander about enjoying the pleasant and interesting setting, it works for me, very believable.

David Larson Evans said...

Looks fine to me but I know about putting things away for awhile I do it all the time.

Ruth said...

Hi Barb, it's been a little while since I visited your site. Not because of you, but because of my schedule. Your paintings are still stiking. This one looks perfect to me. Don't think you need to worry about the foreground. The colors are good and it leads one right into the painting. Makes a good foil for all the bright colors of the rest. Great subject capture here. The scene is most appealing. Keep your artistic muscles limber! Ruth

Unknown said...

Thanks Dana, Diana, David and Ruth,
I'm happy to have moved foreward with many aspects of this painting but have somewhat lost that loose look so will go back to smaller pieces and limit my time spent on each for a fresher more spontaneous look. Thanks for all the encouragement as I'm finding the summer days hard to spend at the easel. Cheers!

Carolina said...

Hi Barb!
I love the scenes you brought from your trip to France! This one is really nice, and seems to mark a new path in terms of your style, doesn't it?
Best regards,