Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little House in Kits
8 x 10
oil on masonite

I'll admit it - I'm cheap... comes from growing up in the tiny 2 bedroom home above with 6 people and no money. I cherished every little thing I owned and wasted nothing. I'd put out tiny little dabs of paint and by the time I mixed the color I wanted the brush would be dry and I'd have to start again squeezing more little dabs out of my tubes. Afraid to ruin an expensive canvas it would sit white and glaring, taunting and daring me to start. When I recently started to paint again I discovered many professional artists were using doorskin which is a thin wood veneer found in 4ft x 8ft sheets at the local lumber yard. Prime it, gesso it and cut to it any size. I found the freedom to paint with abandon, fearlessly experimenting and so what if the painting wasn't a success. My 6 inch x 6 inch pieces cost less than 25 cents each. The painting above is one of the few I did on Masonite before I found the doorskin. Used a different technique on this one. Did the values in acrylic and then glazed with oil.


r garriott said...

This is a lovely little painting. Our weather looks a bit too much like this today!

The doorskin sounds interesting... how thick is it? What's your preferred method of cutting it?

Unknown said...

Thanks R - The doorskin comes in 1/8th or 1/4 inch - I'm using 1/8 right now and cutting it with a small circular saw but I'm told you can cut it with a utility knife. I get the lumber yard to cut it in 2ft x 2 ft pieces for me to carry home. Being a laminated wood there may be issues with glues and resins but I think much less than with masonite. I found one with an oak veneer - I think you have to look for a good textured finish. I'm still working on canvas too but love that the doorskin in inexpensive yet good quality and can be cut to any size.

L.Holm said...

Thanks for the explanation, Barbara! I know some local artists who paint on birch plywood, which I thought was pricey. This is interesting! Beautiful snowy street scene. I love the collection of shapes and pops of color amidst the snow.

Gary Keimig said...

Just going through your blog. some very nice work here. A few I think are outstanding.
God bless and keep up the good work

Unknown said...

Great idea!!!