Sunday, March 22, 2009

6 x 6
oil on doorskin
I didn't have anything in mind so did an apple just to get the paints out and in doing so made several mistakes and should know better. Planning pays off - should have had more than one item in there and not centered and should have decided on the colors first. My lack of a game plan resulted in the foreground and background being redone many times but regardless it's still a good exercise to go thru and I'm farther ahead than if I'd done nothing.


r garriott said...

This study really has a lot of charm... I personally like that you've got it centered and singular. It's good to break the 'rules' now and then and see what happens! There are some very interesting color things happening here that keep me looking at it. It works!

I'm curious, what is 'doorskin'?

Unknown said...

Thanks r - I'm somewhat of a rule breaker for sure. I've had quite a few questions about doorskin. Discovered it when I went to a workshop in November put on by a very successful BC artist. He always uses this for his oil or acrylic supports as it's smooth, inexpensive and you can cut it to any size. Found at building supply stores in 4 x 8 sheets it is a hardwood such as oak in a thin veneer (eighth inch). Prep it with at least two coats of Kilz and several coats of gesso - I'm favoring black these days. I especially like it for daily paintings as they rarely turn out well anyway and it doesn't cost much.

valleydaze said...

As mentioned in real time conversation, I think your art is beautiful and unique ... and to me the "glass" apple is very special.