Wednesday, February 25, 2009

in progress
oil on doorskin
Wow! What a challenge this one is from Karin Jurick - see ' Sat on it for a week till I decided I couldn't procrastinate any longer so I got down to work and formulated a plan. First of all there was a lot of information in this photograph of the display window of a wig shop - how to simplify? I decided to try black and white with 5 values and am now going to wait for a week till the paint is somewhat dry, to get around the fat over lean rule, and then glaze in a little transparent color to warm it up a bit. I think the biggest problem so far has been trying to photograph the painting without accentuating light reflections and glaring errors!

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Ruth said...

Barb, To get good photo of your painting, take without flash with painting on the floor by a door or window, preferably a sunny day, but without direct sunlight on the painting, then shoot from directly above it. Daylight, no flash, shooting from above produces good pics w/o hot spots or light reflections for me. Try it. Any questions, email me: Let me know if this gives you any success. See my photos of my paintings at