Friday, January 14, 2011

A favorite restaurant and a bird

Hooded Mergansers in progress
14 x 18
oil on canvas
For several years now we've enjoyed dining at a local restaurant that sits out on the lake and calls itself the Hooded Merganser.  I never really knew what this bird was supposed to look like until I was able to see one little better with my zoom lense.  This pair was floating near the restaurant last week and I couldn't wait to paint them.  Although the female to the naked eye looks a little drab and basically brownish I think the beauty is there but very subtle.  I took some artistic license and pushed the colors a bit.  Funny enough one year we were at another local restaurant called The Lost Moose and upon driving away after lunch I had no sooner remarked on why they would call themselves that when a moose came out of the bush and walked across the road in front of us!  Weird experience and I haven't seen one since though I'm told they are around sometimes.


Ruth said...

The female always looks drab, (for protection from predators while tending her brood) but has beautiful shape and form; however, the male needs those colors to attract her in the first place. In painting, they give a great contrast, so that all isn't brilliant colors which would tire the eyes and make for boredom. Love your painting showing this great contrast and beautiful composition. Love the subtle coloring of your female.

Marie Theron said...

The moose story is quite funny, Barb! And nice to get to see the birds from your side of the world. The rendition of the water is beautiful too!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ruth and Marie - birds and water do present some new challenges but also a fun way to work on color and value skills!