Thursday, June 17, 2010

rain, rain, go away

in progress
10 x 8
oil on board

We live in a desert though you wouldn't know with all the greenery carpeting the hills and it's raining relentlessly so I'm working on an image that I caught at a local market last year back when it was sunny. This fellow was under a tent and I had to crop his head for the composition but I really just wanted to catch his enthusiasm with his feet kicking up to the music. Funny how little things make a difference. Had he been just standing no matter how lively the music I would have walked by. I love painting people in motion and will eventually work on dance if I can get some good resource photos.


Pat said...

you've definitely captured the enthusiasm - that feeling was the first that came across !

Tammy Hext said...

Barb - this is great. I love the blue that moves throughout the painting - ties everything together as well as capturing the movement of the music. Well done.

Becky Joy said...

What fun this is. Really like your work

Unknown said...

Thank you Pat, Tammy and Becky - this really was fun and so different to try to convey movement as opposed to mood.