Monday, June 14, 2010

Eye Candy

Tucelnuit Lake
8 x 10
oil on board

Saturday I rode my bike 60 kilometers down our beautiful Okanagan valley and every direction I looked was so incredibly beautiful, truly a treat for the eyes. I'm often brought to tears while I'm out there drifting silently past vineyards, climbing valleys, descending down mountain sides. The next day I gathered up my paints and along with my plein air partner Iggy the Yorkie off I went to capture some of the scenes. The one above was one of the many lakes in the area and the blue of the water was absolutely electric. I didn't quite catch it but am close I think. Today I finished it up at home but poor Iggy slept all day on my supply bag waiting to head out.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I believe that artists who paint the outdoors do so because they feel a special connection with the earth. To me, nature is my church. This is so beautifully painted, and I can feel the emotion that went into making this such a success.

Pat said...

and how lovely that Iggy goes too :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Pat and Claire - nature is my church too and truly food for the soul. These outings have forced me to stop my constant movement and sit and listen to the world around me and it's been lovely no matter whether it is birds singing or the sound of voices nearby it's such a peaceful feeling.

L.Holm said...

Perfect title.
I tell you, I'm in awe of you painters who can so capture the very essence of a landscape. I feel like I'm seeing this scene right along beside you. Beautiful!