Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A very cool plein air experience

View to Trout Creek
8 x 8
oil on doorskin

Today I headed up the west side of Okanagan Lake and set up in a lovely little rest area with beautiful views of the community just north of here. I was busy getting all my stuff unpacked when I heard some rustling and up from the beach came a pair of ducks right up to my feet. They checked out my easel and then settled down right underneath it only stirring when someone was walking by as if to warn me. My little buddies stayed till I was finished and then flew off across the lake I had just painted. What a perfect outing!

Below is the second painting that I did down at Vaseux on Sunday.

McIntyre Bluff
8 x 8
oil on doorskin


Unknown said...

Oh Barb these are gorgeous. I love how you were able to paint such a beautiful expansive view of the lake and beach on a compact size.

Pat said...

How lovely you had company!
What gorgeous paintings, too :) xx

Marie Theron said...

Your plein air paintings are very fresh and immediate, Barb! It must have been lovely sitting there and doing these scenes! The little rock pool in front of your lake is so transparent!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Sheila, Pat and Marie. I'm learning so much out there with the changing light and the need for speed as I had about half an hour before the wind came up and no more quiet reflective water! And I've learned to take a photo right away for reference.

Anita Stoll said...

Your works have a wonderful quality of presence. Very beautiful

Carrie Griesemer said...

I just love your work, always so fresh! And such wonderful places to paint!