Thursday, May 20, 2010

Plein Air Adventures continued

Sand Cliffs
12 x 16
oil on wrapped canvas

Last Sunday after cheering on friends at a local triathlon I ventured off into the back country searching for a location where I could pull off the road and easily set up all my plein air painting gear. I finally found a spot that would work perfectly, got all organized, paint brush in hand, canvas on the easel and then I realized I had not brought paint. I am going to have to make a list as it seems this whole thing is as complicated as camping and I know I always needed a list for those excursions. The next day I headed off again, this time with my little 4 pound Yorkie who managed to squeak through the gate and into the car. Never wanting to miss a road trip he can often be found curled up on a suitcase or bag by the door knowing that they are destined for the car and he does not want to be left behind. He turned out to be good company and so will be one more item to add to the list.
My highlight of the week was receiving in the mail a painting from Kim Rempel which I won in a draw in honor of her reaching 100 followers! Go see her fabulous paintings at


Kim Rempel said...

Too funny about your Yorkie. Yes - there IS a lot of stuff to haul around isn't there! I've been painting outside for sometime and still often forget things. One week it's my water...another paper towels... ; ) This piece is gorgeous Barb. I love your colour palette. Especially that water! Wow. Great reflections. And thank you for the kind mention : )

Unknown said...

Congrats on winning a wonderful painting. I am just loving this Barb. I adore the way you use color. I would love to look at your palette one day. I also thought View to Trout Lake is breathtaking. I could look at it for hours. *sigh*

Carrie Griesemer said...

Beautiful piece! I love the warm colors.

It is a challenge getting ready to do plein aire. I'm very close to having my plein aire pack ready. I've put together a complete second set of brushes, paint, everything and will have it all in a backpack so I can just grab it and go when the mood strikes.

Ruth said...

Barb, this is outstandingly colorful, beautiful, enticing. Great scene.
Did you see Sarah McLachlan on Dancing with the Stars last week? First I had heard her sing since the Olympics. In love with her voice and singing. What great phrasing, depth, control, & lyrical moods.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much everyone:
Kim - yes every time I go out I forget something.
Carrie I think I'll follow your plan of having a complete pack ready to go, which is a great idea as I often have to sneak out quickly!
Sheila I'm so lucky to be able to walk a block to the beach and see virtually the same view - just a little further away. In the morning before the wind comes up it's a very magical setting!
Ruth - darn I missed Sarah - she is one of my favorites! I did pick up the latest cd from KD Lang. She put on by far and away the most incredible and moving performance which was 'Hallelujah' only performed better by Jeff Buckley who has sadly passed away. i was able to see her sing it twice, once at the dress rehearsal and then at the opening. It was incredible and felt like the whole world was holding hands throughout the song - all the waving flashlights held by people from all over the world. Amazing!

Carolina said...

Hi Barb!
I really enjoyed this post, the painting is one of my favorites of your last ones, and what you write about your dog is just adorable! I can also relate to needing lists. Without a list I'm surely forgeting something.
Thank you for commenting, you really made my day :)
A big hug,

Unknown said...

Hi Carolina - yes every time I've gone out now I've forgotten something but my dog now carefully watches for the easel and bag to be packed so that he can makes sure he doesn't get forgotten. Good to hear from you!