Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paralympics Experience

Lantern Forest Walk
24 x 18
oil on wrapped canvas

Heading back downtown for my Paralympic volunteer duties I couldn't help but feel nostalgic for the crazy three weeks when Vancouver was one giant party. The painting above is a scene on Granville Street where a bamboo forest was built decorated with lanterns designed by children and lit by LED lights. People loved to stomp on the platforms making it sound like a rain forest and with the sunlight filtering through it certainly felt like a magical place. There is still a festive feel to the downtown but not on such a big scale. Most venues are closed and mine had it's final day with the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies. After spending four hours checking tickets outside I was able to get in to thaw out and see a little of the show. There was a different feel to this event, a little less formal but just as much energy and excitement and it was great to see so many youth involved whether it was with a choir or a dance group. So now I am home and will try to paint a few more Vancouver scenes while they are still fresh in my mind.


Manon said...

Sounds so wonderful! Even though I live in the US now I'm still a proud Canadian.
Your painting is awesome!!

L.Holm said...

Festive and beautifully painted. I can feel the excitement come through in this.
Sounds like a much better experience. You are a good person for going back..a good cause.

Unknown said...

Thank you Manon and Liz - this now hangs above my fireplace in Vancouver to remind me of that once in a lifetime experience!