Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Snowshoe

Okanagan Park 
24 x 24
Acrylic on oak doorskin

Take what might be an otherwise drab winter day and turn it into something!  Snowshoeing, wieners roasted over a fire, a little shot of a warming liqueur and some ideas for a painting.


C.N. Sant said...

Sounds like fun! Love your colours, you have really captured the atmosphere of the woods.

Vera said...

Your talent and your comments bring life and warmth into this lovely winter scene. .. very special!!

Ruth-A-N said...


Unknown said...

Thank you Carol, Vera and Ruth,
Appreciate your comments and am I ever slow to reply, life has been chaotic to say the least. This series somehow ended at 2 and then I discovered painting in the car on cold days. Ones to follow are more true to life as I was actually out there painting from real scenes. But it's fun to play isn't it. Not the end of my colorful ones just a break.