Friday, December 17, 2010

Steveston Britannia Cannery

Boat Study
8 x 10
Since I'm enjoying rather rainy damp weather here on the coast I thought I'd do a small study of a retired boat and cannery turned into a historical park.   A possible candidate for a larger piece.  I enjoyed doing this quick little painting but discovered that the canvas sketch pad that I was using is student grade and the oil and medium has soaked through.  Another lesson on why it pays to use the best quality materials possible without exceptions.


martinealison said...

Très jolie peinture... avec de belles nuances de couleurs.
Bisous et joyeuses fêtes.

Marie Theron said...

Oh, yes, do a large one next year, Barb. The little roofs have a lovely rhythm!

Unknown said...

Bonjour Martine - Pardonner mon francais mais j'essaie d'apprendre. Vous remercier autant de pour vos commentaires gentils. Espérer que vous avez un Noël merveilleux.

Unknown said...

Hi Marie, Thank you so much - I'm struggling with how large to go on this one. Have a great Christmas and a wonderfully creative New Year!