Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Christmas Flower
12 x 12
oil on wrapped canvas

Too long a break over Christmas and the result was three wiped canvases. In a slump I decided to read instead and picked up Robert Genn's "Twice Weekly Letters", a treasure of inspiration. One passage in particular struck a cord and reminded me that success was usually hard won with persistence and so I tackled for a fourth time this flower painting. I tried very hard to look and paint what I saw instead of what I thought it should look like and the result I am happy with. Flowers aren't easy for me and I did spend a little too long and picked too much but learned a lot on this project. Happily painting again!


Carolina said...

Hi Barb,
All the effort and hard work really payed off!! This is a wonderful painting, it's unbelievable the way you've used color and the highlights and transparencies this flower has. That's not easy... and the soft edges and background are amazing too. I loved it since I saw it :)
Best regards,

Kristen Reitz-Green said...

Beautiful Barb! The colors really invite me in...

Anonymous said...

delightful painting: i love the background it really brings the flower to life!