Thursday, December 10, 2009

Iggy Pop

Bow Tied
8 x 6
oil on wrapped canvas

My kids are grown up but I still have a little 4 lb baby, or should I say 'whirling dervish' named Iggy. He can literally swirl his head around and toss a ball, watching to see which direction it goes so he can then chase it! He'll resort to this if I'm busy reading a book and paying him no attention. The blue eyes of course are the reflection of the camera flash but I kind of liked the effect so put it in. Another candidate for my cards.

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Tammy Hext said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Barb. This portrait made me smile I soon as I got to your blog. I love your use of colour in your paintings ie. the grape painting - just wonderful. Happy painting, glad to meet a fellow Canadian painter.