Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekly Painting

Bella Coola
18 x 24
oil on wrapped canvas

I've decided to try for a painting a week as I'm getting into doing these bigger pieces. I have tried for one a day but found the 6 x 6 format too small for what I want to do and the pressure to paint daily not realistic for my lifestyle. Having spent the morning with a wonderful group of ladies and one husband mountain biking the hills to the west of us and most other mornings out doing something physical I'm not left with much time to paint. I can't seem to paint after the light fades - I do too with lttle energy left. So this painting above took a few days and is of a small BC coastal fish packing plant. I took the resource photo in the 70's and this plant may not even be there anymore. Haven't quite finished but I find it helps to take a photo and see it from a different perspective.


Marie Theron said...

Hi, I am delighted to see one of your landscapes again, Barb! I also do weekly paintings. Then if there is a chance to get ahead, like now, it helps me through the busy times and holidays as there will still be something to post when there is no time to paint.I greatly admire those Daily Painters, but as in your case it becomes a mad dash to stay with the commitment. And good for you, spending so much time out-of-doors and active is the way to go!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Marie, Today I'll start with a little painting and then we head up above the snow line to do some skate skiing. I live in a geographic playground and the outdoors begs to be enjoyed. Cheers Barb